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Our Ethos

Here at Bloxham School we are in the business of educating the whole person, ensuring that our students are equipped for an ever-changing world. We help the young people in our care to become the best they can possibly be, to exceed all expectations and fully realise their own potential.

The ethos and purpose of Bloxham is encapsulated in our Mission Statement:

"Bloxham is a small school with big ambitions and a strong ethos which aims to prepare young people with the skills they need to successfully take their place as global citizens in an ever-changing world. At Bloxham, the individual matters and the expectations are that every child will flourish."

A Bloxham education aims to develop students by providing them with enriching educational experiences that help them to mature intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. A balanced curriculum encourages the students to learn to become leaders, develop resilience, become independent and creative thinkers, and foster passions, as well as to be empathetic and compassionate to others. Students will develop well thought-out core values, be givers rather than just takers, and will achieve their potential in public examinations to open the doors of opportunity beyond the school gates.

An education from Bloxham School encapsulates the five following hallmarks:

A Passion for Learning: fostering creativity and the capacity for dynamic, independent and critical thought.
A Balanced Curriculum: a challenging academic programme, complemented by a broader curriculum which inspires curiosity, rigor and ambition.
A Gold Standard of Pastoral Care: nurturing the well-being of all within the setting of a boarding community.
The Development of Character: through promotion of responsibility, generosity, resilience, and imagination.
Christian Values: nurturing a compassionate spirit so that our students become a force for good in an ever-changing world.