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Teaching Staff

French LessonOur reception staff will be happy to forward a message to any member of staff during working hours.

Use the list below to identify who you wish to get in contact with: [email protected] 

Senior Staff
Headmaster Mr Paul Sanderson
Deputy Head (Curriculum) Mr Matt Buckland
Deputy Head (Staffing and Operations) Rev Michael Price
Assistant Head (Boarding and External Communications) Mr Matt Bull
Assistant Head (Student Welfare and Pastoral Care) Mrs Jacqui Skevington
Head of Lower School Mrs Jane Cochran
Lead Practitioner (Teaching & Learning) Ms Eleanour Russell
Lead Practitioner (Teaching & Learning) Mr Chris Saunders
Head of Sixth Form Mr Louis Yates
Director of Teaching and Learning Ms Azita Kazem
Head of Art Mr Bertie Matthew
Art Teacher Mrs Rachel Lehmann
Business Studies / Economics
Head of Economics and Business Studies Mrs Sara Clitheroe
Business Studies Teacher Mr Robert Dann
Graduate Teacher of Business Studies and Economics Mr Fergus Bevans Brown
Head of Computing and Digital Learning Mr Alex Gray
Computer Science Teacher Mrs Una Liley
Computer Science Teacher Mr Nic Hollinworth
Design & Technology
Head of Textiles Ms Alice Hickling
Head of Food and Nutrition Mr Peter Harvey
Design and Technology Teacher Mr Mark Skevington
Design and Technology Teacher Mr Richard Broady-Bennett
Workshop Manager Ms Helen Lauder
Metal Work Technician Mr Nic Hollinworth
Director of Drama Mr Sam Brassington
Wardrobe Mistress Mrs Sally Brittin-Snell
Drama Teacher Ms Jude Single
Productions Director Miss Fiona Mikel
Head of English Mr Chris Saunders
English Teacher Dr Julian Moyle
English Teacher Mrs Clare Summers
English Teacher Mrs Emma Exelby
English Teacher Mr Jonathan Leiper
Head of Geography Mr Nick Piggot
Geography Teacher Dr Claire Evans
Geography Teacher Mr James Ramm
Geography Teacher Mr Simon Thompson
Head of History Mr Robert Hudson
History Teacher Mr Simon Batten
History and Politics Teacher Mr David Bowden
Head of Latin Mrs Christine McCaffery
Latin Teacher Mrs Victoria Moir
Politics Teacher Mr James Walker
Politics Teacher Mr Robert Hudson
Politics Teacher Rev Michael Price
Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs Jacqui Skevington
Head of Theology Dr Debbie Herring
Learning Support
Head of Learning Support Mrs Eleanor Russell
Learning Support Mrs Alison Blake
Teacher of English as an Additional Language (EAL) Ms Catherine Rumnsey
Specialist Hearing Impaired Teaching Assistant Mrs Cooke Helen
School Librarian Miss Sara Swann
Head of Mathematics Miss Jocelyn Merris
Mathematics Teacher Mr David Best
Mathematics Teacher Mr Andrew Goldsmith
Mathematics Teacher Mr Michael Moir
Mathematics Teacher Mrs Harriet Woodward
Mathematics Teacher Mrs Bridge Clare
Modern Foreign Language
Head of Modern Foreign Languages Mrs Christine McCaffery
Modern Foreign Languages Teacher Miss Elena Lesu
Spanish Teacher Miss Anna Goode
Modern Foreign Languages Teacher Mrs Jane Cochran
Modern Foreign Languages Teacher Ms Azita Kazem
Director of Music Mr Alex Redpath
Music Teacher Mr James Ramm
Graduate Assistant (Music) Miss Lucia Svecova
Outdoor Education
Head of Outdoor Education Mr David Barber
CCF School Staff Instructor (SSI) Mr Richard Breese
DofE Award Bronze Co-ordinator Mr Robert Dann
CCF Contingent Commander Mr Stephen Bailey
PE and Sport
Director of Sport Mr James Walker
Head of Hockey Miss Laura Smith
Head of Netball Ms Lisa Manning
Director of Rugby Mr Andy Goldsmith
Rugby Professional Mr Richard Lovering
PE Teacher Mrs Katie Collins
PE Teacher Mr Louis Yates
PE Teacher Mr Alexander Rose
Strength and Conditioning Coach Mr Connor Porter
Graduate Assistant (Sport) Mr Scott De Waymarn
Head of Hockey Miss Laura Smith
Head of Psychology Mr Louis Yates
Psychology Teacher Dr Melanie Lees
Head of Biology Dr Karla Perera
Biology Teacher Mr Greg Webber
Biology Teacher Miss Sarah Lafford
Biology Technician Mrs Jane Lee
Head of Chemistry Dr Simon Floate
Chemistry Teacher Mr Daniel Taylor
Chemistry Teacher Dr Helen Wilks
Chemistry Technician Mrs Carolyn Adams
Head of Physics Mr Jim Richardson
Physics Teacher Mr Stephen Bailey
Physics Teacher Dr Martin Ruck
Physics Technician Mr Steve Kaplan
Sixth Form
Head of Sixth Form Mr Louis Yates
Head of Careers Dr Claire Evans