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Pastoral Staff

House HockeyOur reception staff will be happy to forward a message to any member of staff during working hours.

Use the list below to identify who you wish to get in contact with: [email protected]

Pastoral Support
Crake Housemaster Mr Robert Hudson
Crake Assistant Housemaster Mr Connor Porter
Crake House Matron Mrs Emma Robinson
Egerton Housemaster Mr Simon Thompson
Egerton Assistant Housemaster Mr David Best
Egerton House Matron Mrs Jane Kearns
Raymond Housemistress Ms Jude Single
Raymond Assistant Housemistress Miss Lyndsey White
Raymond House Matron Mrs Ann Steenkamp
Seymour Housemaster Mr Matthew Bull
Seymour Assistant Housemaster Mr Greg Webber
Seymour House Matron Mrs Kay Greene
Stonehill Housemistress Miss Harriet Woodward
Stonehill Assistant Housemistress Miss Mathilda Paul
Stonehill Matron Mrs Karen Smith
Wilberforce Housemistress Mrs Sarah Lafford
Wilberforce Assistant Housemistress Ms Lisa Manning
Wilberforce House Matron Mrs Jennie Wilby
Merton Housemaster Mr Robert Dann
Merton Matron Mrs Elaine Herbert
Wilson Housemaster Mr David Bowden
Wilson Assistant Housemaster Mr Scott de Weymarn
Wilson House Matron Mrs Julie Moon
Exham Housemistress Mrs Jane Cochran
Exham Assistant Housemaster Mr Alex Redpath
Park Close Housemistress Mrs Sophie Heathcote
Park Close Assistant Housemistress Miss Lucia Svecova
Park Close House Parent Mr Guy Heathcote
Chaplain Rev Duncan Weaver
School Doctor (Boys) Mr Stephen Haynes
School Counsellor Mr Steve Thorp