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Max’s DJ Set Gains Attention from the Pro’s

Max's home DJ set upLast Friday, student and aspiring DJ, Max T. received a little more attention than usual during his Instagram Live set, thanks to a shout out from radio presenter and DJ himself, Chris Moyles.

At 16 years old, Max already has dreams of a career in song-writing and music production, inspired by industry professionals such as Fisher, Danny Howard and Carl Cox.  Max commented, “They have all worked extremely hard to create music that people love, that’s what I want to achieve.” At Bloxham he is part of the Chapel Choir, sings in school productions and develops his music production skills.

After meeting a DJ at his Mum’s birthday party, Max began helping him at local events and moving kit. Growing up listening to club and dance music encouraged him to develop his own DJing skills. During lockdown Max has been doing just this, providing breaktime raves for Bloxham students to bring a little relief and positivity to the remote learning environment, usually bringing in 22 total views with three to five people watching live.

This was a stark contrast to Friday’s set when, family friend Chris Moyles, gave Max a shout out during his Friday evening Instagram Live DJ set, saying “He’s young but he’s very good, check him out, give him a watch if you can people”. When Max’s set went live, he wasn’t prepared for what would happen next. His excitement was palpable as he watched the views roll in, exclaiming after two minutes: “1,400 people already? Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’m saying these words!”.

Max has learnt a lot since last week’s set and is preparing for an even bigger and better set this Friday. His fingers are crossed that his new equipment arrives in time to improve the sound quality and visual experience for those tuning in at 8pm. “Looking back to last week, the highlight was the joy on my face when I started with 28 live views and watching it climb to 56, then 78 all the way to 1,750 - it was surreal.”

With 1,500 new Instagram followers and rumours of Mista Jam tuning in to watch this Friday, Max’s nerves are expectedly setting in, but he knows this is an opportunity to step up his game and bring his love of music to a larger audience. Just like last week Max will be starting after Chris Moyles finishes his set - show your support and enjoy an evening of music by following @_therealmt_ on Instagram and tuning in at 8pm this Friday: