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Six Apps - MMBA Pitch

MMBA App Pitch collageOur Lower Sixth Mini MBA students were in the hot seat on Monday night, presenting apps they have been preparing since mid October, each one representing approximately 30 hours work.

The panel, Chris Finch - MD at Host Capital, Andrew Jeffrey - Commercial Director of Brammer Buck and Hickman, Lis Lewis-Jones - CEO of Liquid PR and Adam McGill - Founder and MD of Fizz Group, had six presentations to judge:

1. CARS IN CONVOY - a social media platform for car enthusiasts

2. CGM - an app that helps diabetics by automatically measuring blood glucose levels

3. CITEASY - an app which tracks students’ online research and creates a bibliography for their essay or dissertation

4. U-NITE - a system which allows friends to connect live on a map, message each other and create parties

5. UPGRADE - a seat upgrade scheme, via an online auction, for airline passengers travelling solo

6. OUT LOUD - a safe space online to promote mental health and support teenagers suffering from depression or anxiety

All the teams were congratulated on their creative, well-researched ideas and their confident presenting skills. They faced challenging questions, mainly about the strength and integrity of their financial projections, and on the value of knowing what the competition is offering.

The final result:

3rd: CGM for their detailed research and drilling down on the financials

2nd: Out Loud for working best as a team and knowing their market

WINNER: CITEASY for bringing together a clever idea, sound planning and a really detailed presentation. We all agreed we would have backed it with real investment!MMBA App Pitch Winners