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Excellent Launch of the Old Bloxhamist Careers Network

OB Networking Event Lloyds of LondonLast night, Old Bloxhamists who are interested, or already working in the Insurance Industry met in the Old Library at Lloyd's of London.

The first networking event of the Old Bloxhamist Careers Network, OBs heard from Mark Hutley (Wf 1986-88), Managing Director of Iris Insurance Brokers, and had the pleasure of meeting a number of his colleagues. Mark shared with us, the humble beginnings of Iris, and emphasised the importance of "getting your foot in the door" when starting out, and making the most of any opportunity that arises. 

Keen to delve into the more interesting and human side of Insurance, Mark provided an overview of the wide variety specialised insurance and reinsurance solutions, dealing with sabotage and terrorism; aviation and space; as well as some more niche services within the tattoo market.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to host an event in such a fantastic venue, guests were invited to take a short tour of the building and learnt  about the history of Lloyd's.

This networking event was one of many to come, our next will focus on the Recruitment Industry, and next spring will explore Law. If you are interested in hosting an evening at your place of work, please get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you.