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Mr and Mrs Skevington to Step Down from House Leadership

Mark and Jacqui SkevingtonIn the past week, we have received news that both Mrs Skevington, Stonehill Housemistress and Mr Skevington, Housemaster of Wilson will be stepping down from their House leadership roles.

Jacqui Skevington will be stepping down as the Stonehill Housemistress at the end of the Lent term. Jacqui has been the first Housemistress of Stonehill since its launch as a Day House in 2017. Jacqui not only started the House from very humble beginnings but has allowed it to thrive through her caring nature. She has seen the House grow and her creation of a positive and tolerant ethos has been at the centre of Stonehill’s success. Jacqui will continue at Bloxham School in her role as Assistant Headteacher responsible for pupil welfare.

As many of you will know this was not Jacqui’s first experience as Housemistress, she had also spent a fantastic 14 years as Housemistress of Raymond House. Here she shaped the lives of more than 250 girls, instilling a sense of friendship, loyalty and fun, whilst helping all to find their sense of belonging and house pride.

Sadly, also after 16 glorious years at the helm of Wilson House, Mark Skevington has decided that at the end of the academic year he will step down as its Housemaster.

During his stewardship, Mark has cared for over 300 boys and their families. Many young people owe a huge debt of gratitude to him for his compassion and support. Under his tenure, Wilson has been a happy, caring home from home which has flourished under Mark’s leadership. Mark will continue at Bloxham School in his role as Head of Technology.

We thank Jacqui and Mark for all that they have done for Stonehill, Raymond and Wilson House and the children under their care.

The school will be looking for successors for both roles in the near future.Mark Skevington and Wilson

Jacqui Skevington and Stonehill