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Young Enterprise Successes for The Climate Crew

This year’s Bloxham Young Enterprise business was called The Climate Crew. Managing Director, Lottie L. looks back on their successes: 

The idea behind The Climate Crew was established on 7 individuals’ passion for the environment and the ambition to help spread awareness of the growing issues occurring worldwide. From its inception, we all agreed that Climate Change was quite literally a ‘hot topic’ and we wanted to do our bit to spread awareness and educate the younger generation. 

Together we wrote a short children’s book, Tuckers Travels, aimed at six to nine year olds, complete with fun games and beautiful illustrationsOur book followed Tucker the Turtle on his travels around the world where he encountered many environment issues such as plastic in the ocean and drought. The book also addressed how we could alter our behaviour at home to reduce these effects with simple changes like using a reusable water bottle instead.  At the heart of the book was to educate and inspiryoung children to be proactive, sparking an interest in the topic. We received lots of positive feedback from customers and were extremely pleased to hear that Tuckers positive environmental practicewere being implemented in real life. It has been very rewarding seeing so many members of the Bloxham community get behind our initiative and we wish for The Climate Crew to keep growing from here on out.  

It was necessary to created multiple platforms to ensure our business accessible to everyone. The website was a highlight for us as we overcame many obstacles before achieving polished interfaceWe were stunned by the engagement our social media pages received and this motivated us to keep up the hard work. As well as actively selling our book using Etsy, we reached out to the following ‘green’ companies, who chose to stock our book on their websites The Green Shop and The Wild Tree. It was also available for purchase in Nothing but Footprints, a local and environmentally conscious shop in Banbury. 

We relished the opportunity to learn skills we wouldn’t have learnt in a classroom by running a functional business from start to finish. Each team member assumed departmental managerial responsibility ranging from marketing director to operations director. It has taught us invaluable teamworking skills as well as problem solving skills. We learnt to not back down in the face of hardship but instead have the confidence to push through. We are grateful for every setback we encountered as it made our product the success it is today. 

An email from Dame Emma Thompson, expressing her admiration for our enterprise was fantastic, her backing also boosted our creditability. This was huge news for us, and we are still shocked to this day. We are grateful to MPs, Andrea Leadsom who was kind enough to send a video message of her support and Victoria Prentis who came to Bloxham to discuss our book and views of the environment. As a result, we were featured in both the Oxford Mail and the Banbury Guardian. Other highlights included being invited to sell at a Thames Con event in Oxford which presented the opportunity to sell to over 5000 people! Unfortunately, this event was cancelled due to the lockdown restrictions but despite this we were still grateful for the recognition. 

Perhaps some of the most exciting news for The Climate Crew this year was the opportunity to be on BBC News South where we discussed our book, mission and values. This was a stand-out achievement for our team and something we look back on with great pride.  

We loved going to trade fairs to set up our stall, engage with the public and to raise awareness surrounding the climate issue. The Climate Crew won multiple Young Enterprise awards including ‘Best Product’, Best Customer Service’ and ‘Best Trade Stand’. We had an excellent run in the competition and made it to the regional finals where we competed against over 120 different schools and were awarded the ‘judges prize for best PR’. 

Overallwe are all very grateful for the many experiences and opportunities which came with this year’s Young Enterprise and know personally, that I will look back on this time fondly in years to come. Knowing people have responded and listened is the most rewarding aspect and has made all the hard work worthwhile. We hope Tuckers legacy and message still lives on for years to come and people think twice before leaving a light on. 

We are thankful to our business advisor Beth Baker, who kindly gave up her time to share her expert business knowledge and insight. Our gratitude is also extended to Nick Jones who generously supported us in the cost of printinof the book, in return for advertising space. Finally, we would like to express our deepest appreciation for Mr Hussain who has been our number one supporter from the beginning and has shared his invaluable skills with the team throughout this process. 



 Lottie L. - Lower Sixth

 Managing Director – The Climate Crew