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Meet the Bloxham School 2020-21 Prefects

We are delighted to formally announce the list of Bloxham School Captains and Prefects who have been selected for the 2020-21 academic year.

Congratulations to all those who have been selected for these positions, which play a pivotal role in the life of the school. No doubt each of our Captains and Prefects will do a sterling job of representing the rest of the student body through providing feedback to staff and setting a good example to their peers.

Head Girl - Sophie T        Head Boy - George K

Sophie and George, our new School Captains, kindly provided a few lines on what they're most excited for in their new roles.  Sophie explained:

"I am most looking forward to seeing the school be brought back together and ensuring the feeling of community is sustained after such a long period of separation. I’m also looking forward to seeing the school grow further with the addition of the new girls house – Stonehill and welcoming more girls into the Bloxham community, I hope I can help ensure a smooth integration for them all."

George supported Sophie's sentiments in his own statement, saying: 

"I'm looking forward to carrying on the good work from Harry and Grace and hoping to tackle the inevitable challenges that will come with everyone returning to school after six months away. Trying to get the school back to how it was might be hard but I am sure that with the commitment of all of the prefects, it will be achieved". 

The names of our newly elected House Captains and School Prefects are given below, including their particular Prefect role where applicable. 

House Captains

Crake Captain - Oscar H

Egerton Captain - George B 

Exham Captains - Layla W and Micah T

Merton Captain - George C-A

Raymond Captain - Millie P

Seymour Captain - Patrick M

Stonehill Captain -  TBC

Wilberforce Captain - Tabby C

Wilson Captain - Jack D


Maria K – Exham Prefect

James M – Exham Prefect

Isobel S – Exham Prefect

Lottie L – Third Form Prefect

Charlie Y – Third Form Prefect

James F – Third Form Prefect

Flo K – Fourth and Fifth Form Prefect

Charlie F – Fourth and Fifth Form Prefect

Isabelle C – Peer Listener Prefect

Harvey J – Head of Guests and Tours

Olivia F – Head of Guests and Tours


School Sacristans

Lottie R - Charity Prefect

Mark D - Charity Prefect