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House Music Competition 2021

The intensely competitive House Music Competition took on a slightly different feel this year with a mini-Glastonbury recreated the Headmaster’s Lawn.

Mr Redpath, Director of Music, provides the following review:


With the theme of Glastonbury Headliners, we were very lucky to have Alex James, bassist with Blur and award-winning cellist Gabriella Swallow to adjudicate the competition. This was only the second time within the academic year that the whole school community had gathered together, so with such a wonderful, celebratory mood and quality music at its heart, everyone was a winner, but formally, the winners were:

House Music Competition winner: Wilberforce - Creep (RadioHead), ABBA Medley (ABBA)

Unison winner: Exham - Yellow (Coldplay)

Ensemble winner: Merton - Rolling in the Deep (Adele)

Photos and Videos of the event are available via the Bloxham Flickr page.