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Hospitality Students Fuel the School

JIGSAM selling at first stallLast week Upper Sixth Hospitality students Jack H. and Sam C. shared their start-up business JIGSAM with Bloxham School.

As part of their hospitality assignment, students were required to create a start-up business. With a passion for health and fitness, Jack and Sam worked together to develop their business, JIGSAM.

"JIGSAM is a company that is focused on giving high quality, nutritious and tasty snacks for those looking to fuel themselves before, during and after high-intensity exercise. Alongside these tasty snacks we also provide complimentary exercise programs designed by a fully qualified strength and conditioning coach so that you can really maximize the benefits of eating the JIGSAM snack way!" - Jack.

Before the open stall event last Friday, JIGSAM put out a call for pre-orders of their nutritious snack bars and green shots which were a huge success, resulting in 21 pre-orders of over 300 bars! There was also healthy interest in the personalised exercise programs which complement the JIGSAM snack offerings. To increase customer engagement JIGSAM also offered limited edition JIGSAM gym vests to their best customers. 

When 3 pm arrived, the JIGSAM team and Mr Harvey were ready to greet customers. The pre-orders were collected and additional sales took place, helping them generate a healthy profit. A lot of preparation and work went into JIGSAM's first stall with Jack commenting, "It is a time-consuming job and you have to work very hard and ensure you have completed everything before moving on to the next task."

Jack and Sam are grateful for the support and opportunity to showcase JIGSAM and now look ahead to finishing their Hospitality course.

JIGSAM gym vests