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A Level Students Hold Biology Symposium

Biology EunoiaOur Lower Sixth Form students held a Biology Symposium, as part of the Eunoia Society programme.

The students conducted their own research to answer a question of their choice. These research projects resulted in an evening Biology Symposium, as part of the Eunoia Society programme. Here are just six of the challenging questions students chose to tackle:

  1. What is the effect of time in space on the human Body?
  2. How does alcohol affect your memory?
  3. What are the physical effects of stress on the brain?
  4. What are the practicalities of "growing" infastucture?
  5. What can we learn from axolotls about using pluripotent cells in tissue regeneration?
  6. Does the heart play any role in our emotional responses?

Biology EunoiaThere was a real buzz in the room as pupils and staff visited each poster to learn about a vast range of topics. The quality of the research, posters and oral presentations far surpassed the remit of A Level and represents a significant academic achievement for every student involved.

Registrar, Lucy Wheeler, attended the Symposium and said "the experience was fascinating. The subjects the students had chosen were very interesting and topical, and they were presented in a clear and accessible way. I for one learned a great deal - not least how drinking alcohol affects ones memory!"