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Old Bloxhamist Reunions in London and Sydney

OBs Enjoy ReunionsOn Friday evening we held two Old Bloxhamists events: one in London and the other, 10,000 miles away in Sydney.

Over 30 Old Bloxhamists enjoyed drinks and a relaxed meal at award-winning chef Vivek Singh’s Cinnamon Kitchen restaurant. Located in an old spice warehouse, the restaurant provided the perfect backdrop for a fantastic evening full of recollections and laughter.

Meanwhile, a few hours earlier a handful of OBs across the other side of the world came together for the first OB Australia Reunion drinks at The Conservatory Bar.

Both events are new additions to the Old Bloxhamist fixtures calendar and we were delighted to be joined by leavers spanning from 1951 to 2014, all of whom despite being at different stages of their lives, enjoyed coming together and reminiscing about their days and adventures at the school.

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