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Bursaries at Bloxham


As a school, we believe in the transformational power of education and, like many Woodard Schools or others with a Christian ethos, we have an active bursary programme to help bring a Bloxham education within reach of young people who would otherwise be unable to experience it.

We commit a significant amount of the school's budget each year to providing students with financial assistance and are very grateful to have additional sources of funding we can allocate towards bursaries too:


We are fortunate that many Old Bloxhamists chose to remember Bloxham School in their will. Unless otherwise instructed, gifts made in the form of legacies are directed towards bursaries, thereby turning the gift into an investment in the future.

If you would like to find out more about our bursary fund, or to discuss leaving a legacy, please contact our Alumni and Development Office: [email protected] 

Old Bloxhamists and friends of the school who choose to leave a legacy and are over 60 are warmly invited to join The Egerton Society. Established in 2010 to mark the school's 150th anniversary, the Egerton Society is a legacy club for Bloxham School. All monies received in the form of legacies are directed to our bursary fund, to benefit a future generation of Bloxham pupils who would not otherwise be able to experience the education we offer. More information about the Egerton Society is available here.

You do not have to be a member of the Egerton Society to leave a legacy to Bloxham School. Any contribution you make, unless otherwise instructed, will go towards our bursary fund and make a real and positive difference to a deserving child in the future.

Nigel Halfpenny Bursary Fund

Since 2010 we have invited parents of students leaving the school to make a donation to our Bursary Fund and have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support we have received. 

The fund is named in tribute to our former Bursar, Nigel Halfpenny, who retired in 2010. By caring and judicous use of funds over the 24 years he was here, Nigel set aside finances to support parents who would not have been able to afford to send their children to Bloxham. 

We recognise the significant financial sacrifice parents make in choosing to send their child to Bloxham and are humbled that so many feel able to commit to this important initiative.

You do not have to be leaving Bloxham to make a donation to our bursary fund. We receive gifts throughout the year. All contributions are gratefully received and recognised for the significant generosity they represent. If you would like to find out more about our bursary fund, or to discuss making a gift, please contact our Alumni and Development Office: [email protected]