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The Bloxham Curriculum and Beyond

Bloxham offers students many opportunities to follow their talents and passions, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Inside the Classroom

Strong academic qualifications are an important factor in a students’ future success and Bloxham School encourages all pupils to achieve their best.

In the main, international students access the same curriculum as English-speaking children.

Third Form students (aged 13 to 14) follow a wide-ranging course that aims to give them the foundations, skills and experiences from which to access more formal qualifications as they move up the school.

Our academic programme is geared towards helping students to make successful applications to a wide range of top global universities.

International students in the Fourth Form and Fifth Form (aged 14 to 16) follow a 9 or 10 subject GCSE curriculum.

In the Sixth Form (aged 16 to 18) they follow the A Level curriculum, typically embarking on three subjects with completion at the end of their two year course. Many students choose to undertake an additional Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in an area of interest to them.

Some international students require additional support and this is delivered by an EAL Department that seeks to help pupils develop their understanding of language and British culture. Language support is provided either individually, in pairs or very small groups, depending on the student’s specific needs. Through our EAL provision, we help students develop their skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening, as well as covering any subject-specific language that will be important to them. 

In addition, our subject teachers are understanding of the challenges faced by international students and are always happy to provide additional support, specifically around exam technique.

In addition to GCSE and A Levels, we also prepare international pupils for IELTS and Cambridge ESOL exams. 

Outside the Classroom

Life outside the academic curriculum is very rewarding for students, with a rich activities programme integrated within the school day.

Students can select courses from the minor and major sports, creative arts, cultural endeavours or academic pursuits, giving them a taste of an interest or hobby which may develop into a great passion. While prior experience is needed in some of the activities, many are open to those taking part for the first time. Our international students are guided by their tutor to find courses which will suit their interests and skills. In addition, our activities offer students the opportunity to develop new skills or qualifications and leadership experience which can enhance their CVs and university application forms in the future. A large number of students complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme each year.

You can find out more about the activities we offer here