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Q&A with Sam Stich

What is your favourite aspect of life at Bloxham?

My favourite aspect of Bloxham is that everyone is kind to you and supports you. What I like the most is the sport and how much encouragement you get from teachers and staff. Other pupils also want to help you and make you better at what you are doing. I didn’t get this much support or opportunity at my old school.

Why did you choose a British education and what made you decide on Bloxham?

I have dual-nationality and spent my early childhood in Germany. All my English family, for generations back, attended Bloxham. They gave me good feedback about the school and encouraged me to come here too.

Were you worried about joining a completely different culture?

Not really, as I had visited England many times before I joined the school; and I felt very welcome.

What are you hoping to go onto do after you have finished at Bloxham? How has Bloxham helped you prepare for your future?

I’m hoping to follow a path in sport and feel my studies of PE and practical sporting experience will help a lot.

Do you have and advice for international students thinking of joining Bloxham at Sixth Form?

The school will help you achieve your goals and get where you want to go, if you are willing to work hard for it. There is so much to do in and outside the classroom, you have so many opportunities and can try as many new things as you like.