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Q&A with Ryo Tsujioka

Why did you choose a British education and what made you decide on Bloxham?

I originally came to England to study at 13 because I wanted to go to a vocational dance school. I felt that improving my English and gaining the experience of living abroad would present me with more opportunities in the future. I joined Bloxham for Sixth Form because I felt the size would help me to get to know all the other students quickly.

Were you worried about joining a completely different culture?

When I first came to England, my biggest concern was about fitting in and making friends, but you adapt very quickly once you're immersed in another culture and it's fun learning about other traditions and customs.

Did you find it easy to feel part of the community?

I can honestly say that Bloxham is one of the friendliest schools I have ever been to. As soon as I arrived I was surrounded by people who knew Bloxham well - the school traditions and expectations. They happily took care of me; showed me where I needed to go; and helped me to fit in.

What is your favourite aspect of life in Bloxham Sixth Form?

Weekends are always great fun at Bloxham, staff organise activities both on and off-site to keep us entertained and to make sure that we as Boarders are never bored! The activities can be small things like film nights in House but can also be something off-site, such as a day's shopping in London or going to watch a live sports match. You are offered so many opportunities beyond the day to day routine here at Bloxham and you have to go and grab each and every one of them.

What are you hoping to go on to do after you've finished your A Levels? How has Bloxham helped you prepare for your future?

Once I finish my A Levels, I want to go on to study Interior Architecture. We have had many UCAS and careers talks on life after Bloxham and several Old Bloxhamists have come in to describe their own experiences. I've found these talks very inspiring and they have opened my eyes to the range of opportunities that are out there. My Tutor and Housemistress have always been there to keep me on the right track with my UCAS applications and have been happy to offer advice whenever I have needed it.

Do you have any advice for international students thinking of joining Bloxham at Sixth Form?

My one piece of advice for anyone who is still considering what to do at Sixth Form would be to think about the whole package. You are offered so many opportunities beyond the day to day routine here at Bloxham and you have to go and grab each and every one of them. I have loved every moment. Taking up these activities and opportunities gives you an easy way to meet people from across the school and everyone is so friendly, they'll be friends for life!