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Q&A with Kit Mackenzie

What is your favourite aspect of life in Bloxham?

I like that you bond with everyone very closely and form closely knit friendships. The large amount of sport available helps this, as well as providing good fun and exercise during the day. The activities after lessons help me to learn new things.

Why did you choose a British education and what made you decide on Bloxham?

I lived in Banbury for seven years before moving abroad. I wanted to return to the UK as I missed the British lifestyle, which is very different to Dubai, where I lived before. Also, I am thinking of going to university in the UK, so it made sense.

Were you worried about joining a completely different culture?

I was not worried about joining a different culture as this is my culture and I have frequently come back for holidays and to see family during my time living abroad.

What are you hoping to go onto do after you have finished at Bloxham? How has Bloxham helped you prepare for your future?

I want to go to university to study business management, to learn how a business works, so that I can one day run my own. I am also a little interested in business recruitment and am thinking of taking an apprenticeship at a recruitment firm in the future.

Do you have advice for international students thinking of joining Bloxham at Sixth Form?

To be as sociable as possible, form great friendships and to take in everything that Bloxham offers you; and to develop skills in the things you like and would like to learn in the future.