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The school Chaplaincy is available to all students and it is a place where they can receive encouragement, explore matters of faith and seek advice. 

Bloxham was established by a Church of England Clergyman and still today follows that tradition believing that spiritual development is an integral part of the values that it seeks to inculcate to all students. The school chaplain, Duncan Weaver, is an ordained member of the Church of England and is available to all the Bloxham community-pupils and staff. He is full time, lives on site and is involved in the whole life of the school. This means that he interacts with pupils on a daily basis in a variety of different settings which ensures that pupils have the opportunity to get to know him. He seeks to be a guiding hand, a listening ear, a challenging voice and a comforting presence.  He is an integral part of the wider pastoral care team, seeking to help all find meaning and purpose in their lives as they negotiate their way in an increasingly confusing world.

The chaplain is responsible for the beautiful chapel and coordinates the chapel program where the whole community comes regularly to worship. Chapel services while firmly rooted in the Anglican Eucharistic tradition seek to be an opportunity to reflect, think and ponder and pupils are actively involved in different roles within the services. The Chaplain coordinates the service program at Bloxham in which all pupils are encouraged to contribute and leads a team of students who promote the role of the chapel and chaplaincy in the life of the school.