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Boarding & Day Options at Bloxham School

The houses are the key to happy living at Bloxham. They provide a friendly environment where students feel welcome and secure. Each house celebrates the diversity of its student's community, helping to develop confident and caring young people who feel at ease in all manner of company.

Lower School and Senior School Day Houses:


Boys' Boarding Houses:


Girls' Boarding Houses:


Every student is allocated to one of the senior houses by the Headmaster on entering Third Form. The Headmaster takes into account factors such as individual skills and strengths, previous school friends and family history when choosing the best fit for each student.

The Housemaster or Housemistress leads the house, supported by an Assistant and a team of tutors, as well as a Matron and their staff. Every student is allocated a tutor when they move to their senior boarding house. It is the tutor's role to supply constant pastoral, social, academic and spiritual support, as well as ensuring regular contact between home and school. On joining the Sixth Form each student is given a new tutor who can give enhanced support and advice on careers and university choices.

Bloxham offers provision for boarding, day boarding and day. Boarding offers a full or weekly boarding experience; Day boarding includes occasional boarding and entitles students to stay for supper and a supervised programme, including prep, until 9.00pm; Day does not cater for boarding and students will usually be expected to leave at 6.00pm. Regardless of their boarding status, all students will enjoy the same high standards of all-round education, excellent pastoral care and access to facilities. 

One of the exceptional qualities of a Bloxham education, noted again in our latest inspection, is the integration of our students. We are justly proud of the quality of the boarding experience at Bloxham and we do all that we can to ensure that all students share in as much of that experience as possible.

"Housemasters, housemistresses and tutors play pivotal roles in providing an excellent level of pastoral care." ISI