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The Bloxham Day

The timetable for the day at Bloxham School is dependent on year group. 

Lower School

For First and Second Form the day begins at 8.20am with House Roll Call. The Lower School academic curriculum is taught through seven one-hour lessons per day, or fewer when there is games. At the end of the school day, pupils take part in a carousel of practical subjects, including Design and Technology, Art, Music, Drama and PE, as well as prep and independent project work. 

Pupils leave at 6.00pm.

Senior School

For those in Third to Fifth Form, morning registration is at 8.20am and students stay until 6.00pm or 9.00pm, depending on their activities. As with Lower School, each day holds seven lessons at one hour long, with fewer on days with games sessions.

Prep is important in helping pupils to consolidate their learning and occurs at the end of each weekday in the Houses.

The academic curriculum is enhanced with a wide choice of activities, sports, music, drama, CCF, trips and opportunities to serve others. Games sessions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, with separate activity sessions, and all participate.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form students have individualised timetables, depending on their mix of subjects and some degree of autonomy over where they choose to study. Lessons are a mixture of individual, group and whole class work with the emphasis firmly on the student to take control of their learning and becoming fully integrated in to their learning experience.

Each student has between eight to ten study periods per week where they are not in a timetabled lesson but are expected to work independently in either the library or the Sixth Form Centre. Time management and organisational skills are essential and help is available for those who require some extra support.

The busy Bloxham week is firmly focused on academic endeavour. However, with the vast range of activities to choose from plus at least three games’ sessions a week there is also a great deal of variety and opportunity to further interests outside of the classroom.