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Studying Textiles at Bloxham School

Textiles is an important part of Bloxham’s very strong tradition of delivering a varied and rigorous design and technology programme. This discipline suits those who have a flair for design, colour and texture and has seen some very exciting creations produced over a number of years.

Textiles in the Lower School

From the outset our youngest pupils are given experience of working with fabrics and the rudiments and safety aspects of using a sewing machine. Once these have been quickly mastered the pupils embark on their early projects which are typically swimming bags or themed cushion covers.

Textiles in the Third Form upwards

The foundation work continues in the Third Form when attractive and vibrant novelty hats are often the project of choice. We have seen some weird and wonderful creations over the years with themes reflecting the pupils’ own interests and passions. To embark on the GCSE course it is assumed that pupils have attained a basic knowledge of designing and making products and have an enjoyment of textiles based on previous experiences. 

Textiles in the Sixth Form

For those that choose textiles as an A Level option it provides the opportunity to develop a range of decorative skills with a more specialist approach, where success is not dependent on any previous art ability or background. It can include surface pattern, printing and construction of a wide range of products.

It is an advantage if pupils have some experience either in textiles, design and technology, or Art at GCSE level.