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Studying PSHE at Bloxham School

The values of Bloxham School underpin the PSHE curriculum, regardless of the ages of the students. These values are: a focus on the achievements and well-being of the individual; providing a family-like community; and a belief in respect and responsibility. 

There are also three tasks in which to support development through students' time at Bloxham:

1. Developing individual social and emotional learning.
2. Being a force for good in their community. 
3. Developing the awareness and skills for the world beyond school. In order to support these values and tasks we have identified ten key areas enquiry, skill and development that act as 'hangers' for specific topics and content to hang from. 

The key areas are:

Character – including developing strengths, virtues, independence and self-confidence.
Emotional intelligence – including self-awareness and the development of empathy.
Health and wellbeing – including physical and psychological health, exercise and diet.
Resilience – including stress management, life balance and self-management. 
Critical thought – including curiosity, evaluation and thinking skills.
Relationships – including personal, peer-group and community.
Spirituality – including wonder, connection and belief.
Creativity – including imagination and application.
Ecological awareness – including individual, local and global environmental issues.
Careers – including building on character, skills and developing appropriate vocations.

These areas will be taught through topics, activities and events as appropriate to age and developmental stages of students. Some will be taught in timetabled sessions to specific year groups, and others through house nights, off timetable events and activities. The aim is to provide a stimulating and informative package of learning activities that enable students to learn in the context of self, family, community and then into the wider world.