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Q & A with Learning Support

Q&A with Eleanor HicksEleanor Russell (AMBDA) has worked at Bloxham School for nine years and took up the post of Head of Learning Support in September 2014. She has considerable pastoral experience and actively seeks out the best action research methodology to support students with additional needs. Here she tells us more about her role, her enthusiasm and commitment to helping every student achieve their potential.

What kinds of resources can students access?

The department is well equipped, enabling us to work with individuals and small groups to boost confidence in literacy and numeracy. We have voice recognition software, encourage touch typing and use multisensory activities to maximise potential.

A holistic approach.

In addition to the bespoke courses and tuition provided by the Learning Support department, we work closely with Tutors, House staff, teachers and a range of other staff to ensure that the needs of students are recognised sympathetically and responded to appropriately. This is done sensitively and empowers each student to realise their true potential and to manage their own obstacles to personal development in a positive, proactive and independent manner.

How can parents be involved?

The Learning Support department is set up with pastoral care in mind and it is of central importance to me that we have an ongoing dialogue with parents so that we always have the most relevant information about a student to provide the best support. We ensure that parents are kept up to date with their child's progress and encourage them to get in touch whenever they have concerns or information to pass on.

Can students receiving learning support achieve top results?

I believe that the key to success is learning how we learn and by doing this many of our students go on to achieve top results.

What is the best part of your job?

At Bloxham School we are passionate about the pastoral care of the young people in our care and so I would have to say the most rewarding part of my role is watching a student's self-esteem grow through being at Bloxham School. The dedication of the staff is unlike any other school that I have worked in.

To find out more about Learning Support and the bespoke services offered to students, please contact Eleanor on 01295 724339 or email: [email protected].