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Studying Computing at Bloxham School

We aim to ensure that all students are prepared for the changing technological world and workplace. To this end, ICT and e-learning tools are embedded throughout the school, in order to enhance teaching and learning. All pupils from first to fifth form are provided with a laptop. Sixth form pupils make use of the Bring Your Own Device scheme in order to provide more flexibility with their choice of ICT equipment.

Digital Literacy in the Lower School

We focus on digital literacy (DL) in the first two years, studying a range of skills that will provide the basis for students to become expert IT users. As part of this, students follow an introduction to computer science, including programming using Scratch and Python. 

Computer Science in the Third Form upwards

All students complete a year of Computer Science study in the third form. This provides a strong foundation to ensure that all students are fully IT literate, both in terms of the school’s IT systems and also with the emerging trends which will impact their future progression. It also ensures that all students are fully prepared to study the subject at GCSE if they choose to do so.

Computer Science in the Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form students study Computer Science A Level (CIE). This covers a broad range of areas, including programming, computational thinking, computer security and data representation. The main programming language used is Python, in addition to web development skills, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This course provides a fantastic platform for students to understand the technologies that will shape their future, as well as providing a clear route to degree level and careers in this highly rewarding industry.