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A Bloxham education inspires intellectual curiosity, challenging students to think beyond the confines of the examination syllabus to develop their own independent ideas and opinions.

We welcome children with a range of academic abilities, using a tailored approach to teaching and learning to enable every student to achieve his or her potential, whatever it may be. Subjects are taught by specialists in small class sizes with streaming for English and Maths, and latterly for other subjects at GCSE. GCSE choices are made during the Third Form when the whole curriculum is sampled.

Each year, many students leave Bloxham for top universities in the UK and overseas; whilst many others go on to join the vocational course of their dreams, studying practically-based subjects as diverse as fashion and photography, business and property, nursing and agriculture.

We are a fully co-educational school and offer a learning environment in which both girls and boys thrive. Our committed and inspiring teachers bring the latest techniques to the classroom to draw out the best from students of both gender.

An extensive enrichment programme of trips, clubs and societies complements knowledge acquired in the classroom, helping our students delve deeper in their learning.

Progress tracking is underpinned by a three-way partnership between school, student and home. Student self-reflection is a critical component of our half termly reports and parents are involved at all stages, with regular parent-teacher consultations and frequent opportunities for both formal and informal review.