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Strength, Conditioning & Rehabilitation

Bloxham School Sport Strength and ConditioningAthletic development at Bloxham School has two aims; to ensure the athlete is physically ready to take the field of play (injury prevention) and to maximise the physical qualities of that athlete. At Bloxham, athletic development takes place in early morning sessions, P.E. lessons, 1-2-1 sessions during the school day and after school activity time.

Our athletic development team create and implement a conditioning scheme of work for all pupils to follow in P.E. lessons. This supplements the P.E. department's aims of the delivery of year-round conditioning support to all pupils. Education is essential, and there is a large emphasis placed on teaching our pupils how to train, but also why we train. We hope to stimulate a positive, life-long attitude to health and wellbeing. For our high performance athletes we hope to provide them with the foundation and support to progress on to the Elite levels of performance. All training that is provided for the pupils is appropriate for the individual, and follows the Long Term Athletic Development guidelines.

Our Philosophy at Bloxham School is movement over muscles. We look to train our pupils so that the basic fundamental movement patterns are taught to a high level. This will help prevent injury and also maximise their physical potential. Once the pupil is able to move well under fatigue then more advanced training programmes can be implemented.

Athletic Development Training includes: 
Functional Strength/Power Development
Trunk Stability
Speed and Agility Development
Metabolic Conditioning
Reaction Time

Our excellent training facilities include
- Treadmills
- Concept 2 rowing ergometers 
- WATT bikes
- Lifting Platform
- Medicine Balls
- Dumbbells
- Barbells
- Squat Racks
- TRK Climbing Frame
- Plyometric equipment
- Foam rollers
- Resistance bands