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Sporting Activities

As well as the key sports played at Bloxham during games, students are also able to take part in more minor sports as activity sessions. 

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting is a very popular activity amongst Bloxham School students, open to both boys and girls.

Bloxham has an impressive track record in competitions and their achievement in winning four out of five classes at the National Schools Clay Pigeon Shooting Championships, in May 2017, is unprecedented. Fittingly, this success marks the thirtieth anniversary of the school offering clay pigeon shooting as an activity – it started in the Summer term 1987, thanks to the initiative of a 4th form pupil, Oliver Hill. This is actually the sixth time Bloxham's A team have won the National Championships; they did so in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2012 and 2013. Two boys, Richard Crofts and Richard Foxon, were involved in all three successes at the turn of the century. The B team won their class at the Nationals in 2005, 2006 and 2007, and again in 2014, when the A team finished 2nd in theirs, and the girls’ team won in 2007, when the A team again finished 2nd.

Clay Pigeon Shooting sessions take place at Edgehill Shooting Ground between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on Tuesdays.

The coaches are experts within the sport, one of whom currently captains and represents the England team. There is no need for students to own their own gun as the school own 12 and 20 bore guns (three of which are Browning Guns that the team have won in the last three years). All standards are welcome to attend the activity - tuition is given to all, beginners through to experienced students. The Bloxham School team take part in competitions, giving students the opportunity to represent their school.

The cost is £27.50 per session, which includes tuition, cartridges and clays (parental permission is needed). The sessions take place from September until the October Half Term and then resume again in February for the rest of the school year.


Bloxham is increasingly successful in equestrian and our team has been crowned as National School’s Eventing Champions twice in recent years.

A thriving activity club runs twice a week at nearby riding schools where expert tuition is available at all levels. One group caters for those whose horses or ponies can be taken to the lesson, and a second group attends a venue where a ride can be hired.

Bloxham runs its own annual equestrian competition, The Bloxham Eventer Challenge, which has proved extremely popular with a number of schools. We also enter other competitions and are often amongst the leading prize winners.


Bloxham School offers the chance to play Fives as as an activity throughout the year and it is offered as a minor Games option in the Lent Term. 

When played as a Games option, fixtures include playing against the likes of Rugby School and Radley College. Teams also compete at the National Schools' Championships at St Paul’s. House matches are held during the Michaelmas Term whilst the School Singles Championships take place in the Lent Term.

At Bloxham, we currently have around 30 students who take part in Fives training, including beginners in Exham House. Coaching is available for players at all levels of the game.

Very few schools still offer Fives as an option so the students here at Bloxham are fortunate to have the chance to take part in what is one of the oldest and most historic of all public school sports, and one which has been played at Bloxham since the 1860s. The school's current courts, two large and airy Rugby Fives courts, date from 1909. It's thought that the rules set out by The Bloxhamist magazine in October 1881 could be the earliest anywhere in existence.


Situated next to the Dewey Sports Centre, Bloxham’s two glass-backed squash courts are well used.

Squash is part of the extensive broader curriculum activity programme run at Bloxham, and students are able to take part in recreational sessions.