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Bloxham School Sport Scholarships

Bloxham School has a strong reputation for sport and this is nurtured through the provision of Sport Scholarships to sportsmen/women who demonstrate exceptional skills at 13+ and 16+.

Bloxham Sport Scholarships come with a fee remission of up to 20%, dependent upon skill level and the number of sports offered by a candidate. Scholarships are an understanding between both students and the school, for mutual benefit of both parties. The principal aspects are outlined below.

Bloxham School’s Expectations of Sports Scholars

  • Accepting responsibility as a role model to others
  • Behaving with integrity and demonstrating a respectful nature when representing Bloxham at Sport
  • Ensuring academic accomplishment whilst achieving as a sportsman
  • Representing Bloxham School Sport in a positive light both in and out of School
  • Demonstrating pride and commit to Bloxham School Sport
  • Being proactive as a Scholar
  • Always aiming to develop further as a sportsman/woman: technical development; physical development; work/life balance and off-pitch management (hydration, nutrition, time management, recovery)
  • Compulsory attendance of workshops throughout the year
  • Regular meetings with a sporting mentor.

Scholars' Expectations of Bloxham School

  • Programme for physical development
  • Advice on lifestyle management, nutrition, goal setting, technical development and injury prevention
  • Sport-specific clinics throughout the year and one-to-one skill development in a particular sport
  • Advice on how development in sport can boost career prospects
  • High level coaching throughout their time at Bloxham
  • Competitive fixtures
  • International tours
  • Outstanding facilities
  • Pre-season training at an elite facility
  • Links to high standard of  external play.

In addition to coaching and training, Sport Scholars attend regular seminars with personalities from the sporting world, professional athletes, Paralympians and those who work in the sports industry.

Further information regarding Scholarships can be accessed here. Alternatively, please email our Admissions team or call them on 01295 724301 and they will be happy to offer further advice.

Say hello…

Please contact our Head of Admissions, Lorraine Roper, to arrange a visit, or for any other enquiries regarding admissions and entry requirements.

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